when it comes down to it....

I really enjoy what I do.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with great folks and have mentors like Dave, Ralph, Mr Fowler and Sean.  WIth many professional experience and working in dynamic environments, I enjoy the challenges of production and completing projects to tell stories, support education or help training employees.

Add a cup of coffee, some jazz and a good sense of humor and we can accomplish anything!

a few personal highlights over the last years....

  1. -Three Emmy® Awards

  - “More to Explore”

  - “The Magic of Cirque”

  - “Reefs to Rainforests: The Great Expedition”

  1. -Emmy® Nominations

  2. -Craft Achievement - Editor

  3. -Food Rush - Editor, Camera

  4. -Picasso: Life, Work, Legacy - Editor, Producer

  1. -Directing competition shows for ABC’s LiveWell Network

  -  “The Home Chef Showdown!”

  -  “Food Rush Holiday Challenge”

Along with directing the ten-camera productions, I guiding all aspects of the technical and aesthetic development for these two three-show series distributed across the nation.

  1. -Working with director Sean Mitchell on the short film “Witness 11” and development of his feature film.

  1. -Collaborating with a small group of folks to produce multiple television show pilots, taking ideas and turing them into half-hour programs.

  1. -Directing live, multi-camera, unscripted variety-style shows while coaching camera crew who have little experience in full-power broadcast television.

  1. -Consulting for the Institute of Reading Development to create interactive and fun video support tools to help children learn to read.

  1. -Developing interactive ergonomics training at PG&E to prevent employee injuries.

  1. -Directing a team of 6 volunteers and 6 professionals for a national youth retreat to support live events, a memory DVD and webcast events live to 1700+ viewers and a live audience.