Sean Mitchell

Director of Photography

Visual Effects Instructor

"I worked with Russ on a variety of shows for the LiveWell network, as well as projects for ABC7 in San Francisco.

He is a wonderful director, editor, and cameraman, who brings exceptional creativity, a critical eye, and a clear vision to every production.

He’s a master at creating great production teams, and is able to wrangle all departments, crews, talent, and production logistics with skill, aplomb, and a great sense of humor.

It is always a pleasure working with Russ, and I highly recommend him!"

“Russ was a tremendous asset to KTLN TV.

As a director of multi camera shoots he brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the team. Level headed and a desire to bring excellence to every production are a couple of words I would use to describe Russ.

It was always a pleasure to work with him in the past and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future!”

Kevin Mallen

Chief Engineer

OTA Broadcasting - KTLN

San Francisco Bay Area

Malcolm Rodgers

Design Director/Project Manager

The Hot Rod Shop Inc

“During his time with us we found Russ to be a very talented, creative, disciplined, hard working, self motivated man of integrity.  Russ works very well in a team environment or by himself.

He was always very fun to have around, very effective with valued clients and not afraid to take on major project responsibility, at which he excelled.

In my 26 years as a Production Manager, Director and Cinematographer and prior to that a Technical Director and Camera Operator on Hollywood sitcoms and network specials, I have seen a lot of folks come and go.  I would say Russ is one of the stand outs.  You would be fortunate to have him.”

David Eisenbise

Production Manager

Pappas TeleProductions

“Russ was a stand-out from the beginning because of his strong work-ethic and fantastically positive attitude.  He volunteers for harder, more challenging jobs because he genuinely enjoys his work.

I’ve witnessed Russ helping the Undergraduate students at AAU on many occasions.  Whether it involved helping a student set up a light, camera or if they needed assistance in the edit suite.  Russ was available.

As an instructor myself, I can easily and happily recommend Russ for a teaching position.  He’s well suited for beginner through experienced level course study.  Personally, I think he would be extremely valuable teaching beginners because of his patience and gentle nature.”

"Russ and I worked together on 6 Food Rush competition episodes. Each shoot was a huge undertaking and Russ was remarkable in the way he stepped up and took the lead.

We basically turned two challenging locations into a controlled studio; Russ anticipated issues in pre-pro and directed multi-camera with ease.

He is a great leader, communicator, skilled and passionate about his job. I can't wait until we can work together again."

Cindy Connors

Sr Executive Producer

The Live Well Network/Disney

"Russ became an immediate asset with his knowledge, experience and can-do attitude and we've relied upon him heavily since the day he walked in the door.

Plus each week the demands on him grew and each week he met the challenge as it presented itself."

David Salinger

VP Content Programming


San Francisco

"Russ is an exceptional editor and director. He brings intelligence and imagination to every project. He is also an absolute joy to work with. Russ’s extremely high skill level and exceptional good nature make him a great part of every team that is lucky enough to get him.

Russ is unusually gifted with music – both selecting appropriate music and integrating it seamlessly into the production. He is very skilled in the use of Final Cut Pro. He has a fantastic understanding of motion graphics and how to manipulate them for the best effect.

Russ’s good taste and ability to understand and create the perfect look and tone for a video project are second to none."

Jennifer Olney

TV News

Special Projects Producer


San Francisco

“When you work in a small production company you have to wear many hats, something Russ has done exceedingly well.  He has worked as a producer, director, camera operator, camera assistant and editor.

Russ became an excellent editor/compositor on our discreet edit*/combustion* post production system.  In addition to editing many commercials and corporate/industrial projects he managed the entire post production process for a 67-minute documentary that has been distributed worldwide.

In October and November of 1999, Russ produced 52 commercials in English and 14 commercials in Spanish for Gottshalk’s Holiday television Campaign.  I was greatly impressed with Russ’s organizational skills on a very complex, stressful project.

Russ has demonstrated a desire and capacity to learn and put that knowledge to practical use in the film and television industry.”

Ralph Brown

Vice President / General Manager

Pappas TeleProductions